There's no full picture of this, so you'll have to imagine... take this:

Roll it up like this:

And then stuff it on this rack:

And you end up with one of the most ridiculous pieces of crap ever conceived. This is even worse than that monster of a driving cabinet for fuck sake. Are we picking a door prize winner at bingo night or playing fucking arcade games?

The whole thing is hinged together, which I'm sure makes for it being very sturdy. At least the floor-mounting-brace-thing looks like it was welded out of an old weight bench, so it should be sturdy AND unattractive.

One benefit I can see here is that you could probably ram one of those tall trigger sticks up your ass while you're playing driving games -- or maybe just rest your nuts on it. Nothing like a good nut rest.

Standing behind this beer barrel behemoth probably puts you far enough away from the screen that the audio would be out of sync.

There are good ideas, there are bad ideas, and there is shit like this that you have to take tainted meth to come up with.