Look at this fucking thing. Just look at it. Take a while to soak in just how god damn ridiculous the whole thing is.

The TV on top (yeah, a tv. Great for arcade games, don't ya know -- screw monitors, use an old TV and then play vertical games on it. It's fucking hot) spins all the way around. An absolute must have feature, because, you know, they may want to someday put it in the middle of the room and spin that fucking thing around and watch movies on it from the couch, rather than have a normal fucking tv and entertainment center.

The control panel, spins around to six different positions. Six different sets of controls. This actually wouldn't be so bad if it wasn't so heinously UGLY and HUGE. Jesus. Everybody wants to be able to play games with specific controls, but there have got to be better ways to do it for fuck sake.

There are _TWO_ sets of gas/break pedals. WTF. Finess the wiring a little, put a switch in there. Quit making it look like ass.

_FOUR_ shifters? What in the hell? How fucking stupid. I don't even know what to say other than "wow, that's a nice rainbow of god damn buttons next to the forrest you have there".

This is just all around bad. Sure, it can play lots of specific control type games, but it's FUCKING HIDEOUS, IMPOSSIBLE for visitors to figure out and or use and probably breaks all the damn time.

(Oh, and I'm sure it's "Mom's" too. Women just _love_ big ugly stupid shit like this)