Nothing says class, or "I'm a loser cop-out on cabinet art" like fucking marble shelf paper. It's so regal. I feel like I'm gazing upon an italian palace. OR POSSIBLY A GIANT UGLY PIECE OF SHIT.

The seemingly random placement of buttons, sticks, and other crap on this thing makes my brain hurt. Not to mention that connect four game going on in the upper right corner of the panel. It's even got a little portrait of the connect four game right on the bezel. Musta cut that off the cover of the box. Aces.

How the fuck would anybody know what to do with any of this? Ah, no matter. that tiny 15" monitor drowned in black paper is probably too hard to see shit on anyway. Mabye that little "MAME" instruction card on the bezel covers it, yeah, I'm sure that's it. Or maybe it says "I built this bunch of ugly crap for me, and everyone else can just like it. But I never play it anyway."

I bet he can play tron with that flight stick. Totally worth it. Totally.