Quick. In 30 seconds, list of all the arcade games you used to play sitting on the GOD DAMN FLOOR.

If you go to this guy's page, he's all jizzy about his rotating LCD monitor. As he probably should be, I mean, those things are pretty cool. But why on earth did he submit _this_ to the site as a sample of an arcade _cabinet_ ?

I see that he found El Dorado, the lost control panel of gold! That's probably what inspired him to make this squat little pile of crap. I'm not sure what all the buttons on that bit do.

As for the front half of it, what's going on with the buttons? I guess the control panel must be sponsored by McDonalds. Certainly not any other rational explaination for whatever the hell he decided to do there. If you're sitting on the floor in front of this thing, and have to reach all the way up there to push buttons - farther even than the joystick, I'm thinkin' you'd be pretty damn uncomfortable.