This page is just a quick "fuck you" to all the dillholes that build their nice piece of crap, submit their link to BYOAC and then let the page die. Friggin' BYOAC seems to think they have like 700 projects in their examples database but it's more like 56, if you take out all the dead crap.

Please try the following:
  • Don't submit a link as an example if you don't intend to keep that shit up in the first place. A fucking 404 does nobody any god damn good.
  • Maybe think twice about submitting a link at all. After all, chances are your MAME cabinet is crap that you shouldn't be proud of anyway.
  • I shouldn't have to click my Back button 5 out of 6 times when trying to check out 'examples'.

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Technical Information

  • Technically, BYOAC is a little to blame for not cleaning up the examples links; but only partially.