What a thing of beauty! It's got super keen Zelda artwork all over it.

Wait a god damn minute, Zelda is a CONSOLE game. This is about ARCADE games, you idiot. Go play Zelda on your Nintendo shitstick. Oh, and last I remember, Zelda didn't have SEVEN PLAYERS.

Ok, so, maybe this guy just has a fetish for Zelda. Gay, but allright. Given that, what in the fuck is up with all those jollyrods? A dedicated 4 way? Ok. 2 dedicated rotary sticks? Hey, know what? ROTARY STICKS WORK JUST FINE AS REGULAR STICKS IN GAMES THAT DON'T USE ROTATION, genius.

I find it impossible to believe that this guy has enough friends to ever need four player.

I dunno about you, but I always loved playing spinner games standing off to the right side of the cabinet. Something about the horrid angle of view added that extra bit of challenge. Glad to see someone keeping that alive.

NOTE: YES, I KNOW this is a rendering. It's the design that sucks. Built or just concieved, it's still atrocious.